The Cold Stone Creamery Franchise Opportunity

cold stone creameryCold Stone Creamery is one of the established and most reputable ice-cream companies in the world today. It’s famous all over the world due to its super-premium ice cream. It was first established way back in the year 1988 in Tempe, Arizona. However, franchising took time before it started in the year 1994.Despite a franchising store making the same brand of ice cream as that of the initial cold stone brand, it is also open to making of other various types depending on the customer’s request. There are nearly 1,000 stores in operation in the U.S. and an estimate of up to 300 stores in operation worldwide. Any U.S territory is currently available for a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise store set up. Whether you intend to have, a single or a multi-Unit franchising deals all are available.

It is estimated that the average time taken to open the Cold Stone Creamery Franchise store is 6-12 months. Ones the franchising store is up and running one can decide to get co-branding opportunities since they are also available. So what about the cold stone creamery franchise cost? The require franchise fee is estimated to be $27,000 for a single franchise store. The other requirements for franchising a store includes; the business or individual must have a net worth of $250,000.It is also a requirement that the business or individual has $100,000 liquid finances or non-financial funds. The total initial invested for a single franchise store is estimated to be from $261,125 to $404,525.The franchisees are also entitled to pay up to a 6% of the gross sales as the royalty fee. They are also entitled to pay 3% of the gross sales as the advertising fee.

ice creamHowever, these fees incurred by the Cold Stone Creamery Franchise store owners are for the stores in tradition location. The fees, in this case, differ depending on the location of the franchise store. Hence, some locations are likely to have higher fees compared to others. However before entering into your franchise deal the area developers and real estate team from Cold Stone will guide you on the best locations to choose from. They will conduct detailed research and suggest for you; locations with high potential and strategic sites to put up a Cold Stone Creamery franchise store. In case there is and existent Cold Stone store in your area the area development team will review the ice cream demand in that area before advising you further.

Some of the benefits of franchising a cold stone creamery store are:

Offer training and support
The Cold Stone team of experts will offer to train you from the start of the project to the time your store starts achieving the intended success. The training takes place in their headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona for 11 days then later 3-day training in the actual location of the store. From choosing the best site to putting up your franchising store, these experts will guide you on what to consider and avoid when choosing a good and conducive site. They will also guide you on the best types of equipment to stock in the store. Lastly, the will give you tips on sales and marketing to in case sales in your franchising store.

Store running support
Cold Stone Creamery franchise store offers on-going Support trough out the running process of the store by offering newsletter, toll-free phone line, a grand opening, frequent meetings, internet and lease negotiation.

It is estimated that 53% of all franchisees are more than one unit owner. On the store operation, it is estimated that for effective running a single store requires about 10-15 workers. It is also estimated that 100% of all franchisees are owners and operators of their franchise stores.

Cold Stone Creamery itself is in a franchise ownership relationship with Kahala Brands. However, both parties, in this case, share the same goals and vision for the business. This is why it is also a requirement that you also share their goals and visions before taking up their franchising deal. They are not limited to franchising their stores to particular locations rather they are open to all. This explains why the currently have about a thousand and counting franchise stores that are in operation.