Keep Your Equipment Organized

Keeping your music gear organized. Now this is not going to be a very glamorous article, but it is information that can help new musicians save a lot of time and anxiety over keeping control of their equipment. When you go to exciting new venues, you can get caught up in the moment of the show. That’s when things get lost. When you first start playing, you just take your things to the studio or club, and then take them home when your finished. Easy. But when you start to get busier, and are on the road for weeks at a time, you will want to create a system to keep all your things together and organized.

keeping track of music gear

There will be times when you will be shipping your materials to the next destination. So you want to make sure you know where everything is at all times. There is nothing worse than showing up for a show, and having to borrow someone else’s equipment because yours wasn’t delivered. On top of that, if there are three or four bands playing at a particular venue, you want to make sure that yours does not get mixed up with someone else’s. First topic shipping. You will want to open a FedEx or UPS account to handle all of the transfer of your gear. For one, you will save money when you actually have an account, and two, you will be able to log in at any time and see exactly where your things are. As you board the bus or plane to head to your next destination you can track your items and make sure that they are en route as well. Always make sure that you require a signature; your signature will confirm that everything is delivered.

Ship music equipment fedex

That way you will know where it is at all times. And that your things will not be delivered to the wrong band or hotel room. The second one is really easy. I actually picked this up from drummer Jon Kois, who usually teaches video drum lessons but takes time off to support local bands. He uses brightly colored pieces of tape to mark his gear cases. If there are 6 bands playing, there might be 50 or more drum cases laying around. It would be easy to forget one in that mess. With his marked with pink or yellow tape, he can quickly gather his up, and do a quick inventory before he leaves. It’s the simple things sometimes that work the best.